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Info for Artists

We value, appreciate and support our fellow brothers and sisters who create God-glorifying music. For this reason, we invested in the proper licensing and have created ways to support Christian Hip-Hop artists. 


Redeemed Project Radio is licensed through Live365. Our webcast transmissions are covered “in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The USA is covered via ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange, Canada is covered via SOCAN and Re:Sound, and the UK is covered via PPL and PRS for Music.” If you are an independent artist, we may directly ask you for permission to play your music and a form may be required to fill out. We’re not sure if you’re registered with SoundExhange, for example, unless you tell us. If you are properly registered as an artist or copyright holder/owner then we’re covered!

Artist Highlight

Redeemed Project Radio is committed to highlighting artists who deserve more exposure, so we have an “Artist Highlight” feature on our website. This feature is basically an article entry focused on an artists or group, which is placed on our home page. Artists or groups are selected by one or more RPR Team members. This will help listeners and fans learn more about these artists, their work and much more. The goal with highlighting artists is to show and give support for these fellow Christians putting in some work for the kingdom!


We are open to other avenues of support as well, such as conducting interviews, playing promotional content, using our social media platforms to share relevant information, etc… The opportunities to help and support are endless. Our prayer is that we continue to grow the kingdom of God and build his children.


How to have your music played on Redeemed Project Radio:

Email with the subject being your artist/group name. Please include the following in the body of the email:

  • Artist/Group name(s)
  • Short description/bio.
  • Website & Social Media Links
  • Link to MP3 downloads. *
  • Any questions or comments you may have.
* Please avoid sending music files through email. Use a third party service like DropBox, Google Drive or WeTransfer